Peter Po

I am a practicing Business & Life Transformation Coaching, with 30 years of experience in therapeutic and coaching work – both individually and with large teams.

 In my practice – CONSCIOUSNESS LIFE COACHING I combine comprehensive integrative medicine – natural and Ayurvedic (Integrative Medicine) with the latest achievements of epigenetic research, which talks about the influence of environmental factors on the change of expression, i.e. gene functioning, despite the lack of changes in the structure of the entire set of genes.  Epigenetics is a real opportunity for us to eliminate the risk of our genetic heritage by choosing the right lifestyle.

I began my coaching career in 1990 in London and now continue worldwide PERSONALLY AND ONLINE, helping thousands of people achieve health and balance through personalized and precise Epigenetic Life Coaching, involved in every aspect of life that affects the homeostasis of our body, mind and consciousness and our future generations.


– Academy of Natural Medicine in Moscow – 1990,

– Clinical psychology, University of Warsaw – 1993,

– Ayurveda & Life Impressions Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA – 2011,

– HIMVEDA Ayurvedic Hospital, Dharamshala, HP, India – 2016,

– Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in Mainz, DE:

  • DNA Demethylation, DNA Repair and Beyond – 2012;
  • Epigenomics as a Discovery Tool in Current Biology – 2013;
  • Nuclear RNA in Gene Regulation & Chromatin Structure – 2014;
  • DNA Repair & Genome Stability in a Chromatin Environment – 2015;
  • Epigenetics in Development – 2016;
  • Gene Regulation by the Numbers: Quantitative Approaches to Study Transcription – 2017;
  • RNA and Genome Maintenance: Cooperation and Conflict Management – 2018;
  • Chromosome Territories & Nuclear Architecture – 2019;

– Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression – University of Melbourne, Australia – 2018;

– Methylation And Clinical Nutrigenomics Part I, Part II – Seeking Health Educational Institute, Bellingham, WA, USA – 2019;

– Clinical Dietitian;

– Master Dietetic Advisor.

Languages: English, Polish, Russian.