Health treatments


Health treatments

Even though more than 90% of our clients are working with us in the field of health issues for eight years already with a track record of health improvement.

We are allowed to point out that the Freiburg University Hospital has decided to carry out a study on QUANTEC and its quantum physical mode of action, and that we have been awarded the Gold Medal for Best Health Care Support Product in Russia:

One of the conclusions of the Freiburg study was:

“These analyses resulted in a significantly improved general condition (t(9) = 3.28;  p
= .005) which corresponds to an average improvement from “not well” to “well”. In terms of their state of wellbeing, participants reported being less nervous (t(9) = -1.96; p = .04), having more energy (t(9) = 2.28; p = .024) and being less exhausted (t(9) = 3.25; p = .005). This group also reported the fulfilment of a wish that, on average, came true at least to some extent (physical area: (t(9) = 2.88, p = .009); mental area: (t(9) = 3.86, p = .002); social area: (t(9) = 4.07, p = .002); professional area: (t(9) = 3.0, p = .008).



Far more research is being carried out in Russia on PSI and the subconscious than is the case here in the west. All the more astonishing, then, that we as a German company have been successful in the competition against domestic companies in Russia and Ukraine.

The list of committee members who awarded this prize reads like a Who’s Who of Russian and Ukrainian universities and academies:

  • The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Ministry for Education and Science, Ukraine
  • The Academy of Noospherian Sciences and Education
  • Institute of Innovative Technologies and New Education, Kiev
  • Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
  • Skovoroda State Pedagogical University
  • Altujnsarina National Education Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • The Crimean Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Holistic Thought, Odessa
  • Vernadsky Centre, Kharkiv
  • EIDOS Centre for Intellectual Development, Sevastopol
  • The International Peace Fund

The prize was awarded in the “Most Innovative Health Support Product” category.