Fields of application

Quantec® is a very versatile device that has been successfully used in medicine, dentistry, coaching, agriculture, education and other disciplines. It can be used pretty much in any area of life.

It is effective at:
– detecting and removing the causes of many diseases, parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi;
– improving overall well-being;
– restoring inner peace and optimism;
– removing toxins and heavy metals from the body;
– improving mood disorders;
– optimizing pain;
– improving learning, concentration and mental processing;
– increasing productivity and business performance ;
– improving sports performance and business achievements;
– cleaning electromagnetic smog
– cleansing water
– naturally stimulating plant growth and fighting their enemies-insects, parasites other organisms causing plants’ diseases and hindering their growth; also supporting organic crops growth
– diagnosing and treating animal diseases and eliminating undesirable behaviour
-and many more:

To carry out Quantec therapy, we need a photo of a person who needs help. Quantec scans a photo that contains information about the general health and well-being of the client and then compares it with a comprehensive database of the various diseases and disorders as well as therapies and remedies with which it works. On this basis, it selects the appropriate balancing therapy for a specific problem, which is sent to the client at a distance at regular intervals throughout the duration of the therapy. Due to the technological advancement of Quantec, the client can undergo this therapy in the comfort of their own home anywhere in the world without visiting the clinic.