Consciousness Self Healing – depression, anxiety, fear …

Consciousness Self Healing of current topics: depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), burnout, neurosis, addictions, relations problems, loneliness, domestic violence and abuse, pandemic acute stress disorder by Reconnection to the Pure Consciousness. 

This is an appropriate topic in the context of our public and personal health and immunity crisis due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. 

It was a pandemic that had left us sheltering in place for months, pushed us to the artificial life and made us more and more sick and dependent on drugs and medication, feeding on processed food with little life energy and creating health problems such as mental, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular and digestive problems, and most recently respiratory problems. 

Our minds are full of disturbing media scenes of fear and violence, instead of experiencing mountains, sky, water and plants around us. Our world leaders are themselves alienated from nature and our corporations motivated by short term profits, lead us away from more and more from our peace of emotions, mind and health. Overall we are externally driven, feeling unstable and empty. 

Again, we revisit the eternal idea of the correspondence between individual health, public health and health of the planet we live on and what can we do about it? 

  • How do we balance ourselves in a world out of balance? 
  • How to keep our faith and hope and do the right thing in this world of crisis and wealth imbalance? 

Together let’s explore the philosophical and practical foundation for a life in Reconnection with the Pure Consciousness, source of All the Creation we live in. 

There will be a few sections:

  1. What is Health? 
  2. What is Healing? 
  3. What is Self Healing?
  4. The foundations of practising Awareness
  5. What are the principles to follow and certain behaviours to abstain from to address the root causes of our physical-emotional-mental-spiritual/consciousness ill-health? 
  6. What are the behaviours to adapt to improve our energy and our body-emotions-mind-consciousness health?

1. What is Health?

There is an intimate connection between emotions, the mind and the body. And all diseases take their origin in the mind. The pains that affect the physical body are called secondary diseases, while the patterns that affect the mind are termed mental and primary diseases. If bad thoughts are destroyed, all bodily diseases will vanish. Treat the mind first.

Mental health is more important than physical health.

The prime cause of the disease is forgetfulness, veiling of our true nature as the Pure Consciousness. This means that when we are forgetful, we identify with body and mind vehicle as ourselves and make wrong decisions about lifestyle or our path to happiness, thus we bring upon ourselves stress and tension leading to diseases (depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), burnout, neurosis, addictions, relations problems, loneliness, domestic violence and abuse, pandemic acute stress disorder). 

We talk about holistic healing, i.e. healing of body, emotions, mind, consciousness.

2. What is Healing?

We talk about the free flow of life energy and changing our vibratory level. Everything in All the Creation is vibration. All things in our universe are constantly in motion, vibrating. Even objects that appear to be stationary are vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various frequencies. Resonance is a type of motion, characterized by oscillation between two states. And ultimately all matter is just vibrations of various underlying fields. As such, at every scale, all the nature vibrates.

By changing our vibration we change our well-being status.

The unveiling of our True Self as the ultimate Truth and very close to the Pure Consciousness and to have an attitude of detachment towards what the body and mind can come up with as reality. Healing means ceasing to forget, veil ourselves in our constant identification with the body and mind. 

Healing means to realize that we truly are Pure Consciousness behind all things including our body, emotions, mind.  

Healing means ceasing to identify with our separated-ness but to see the Oneness – the Pure Consciousness. Healing means to cease to identify with our vehicles and to see through the veils of consciousness (our body, our life energy, our mind, emotions and senses, our intellect and ego). At the same time, healing means connection with Nature and not just indulgence in technology. 

  • The Healing Journey is a long way. In that journey, we need self-aware mentors, life coaches who have found and the way to realize themselves. 
  • Self Healing means Self Realization, the realization of our Reconnection with nature and consciousness in nature.  

It implies changing of one’s consciousness and lifestyle to come closer to the Truth Self. The opposite of it is, getting lost in the patterns, habits and mental grooves of the past, getting lost in the restlessness and the desires in unceasing pursuit of external happiness and getting lost in the promise of more power in a more advanced technological society.

Guidelines for conscious self-healing help us to correct our thinking and isolated feeling, alleviate our sufferings, become clearer in our perceptions of our self, compassion and love of others and bring us closer to true Health, Peace, Self-realization and Pure Consciousness.

3. What is Self Healing?

Self Healing success is when we can break through the chain of patterns. In other words, success is being able to retrain ourselves not to repeat the same pattern of conditioned behaviour which binds us.

  • The reason why we are not happy comes from the fluctuations of the mind and the constant replaying of its unhealthy patterns. 

The mind keeps projecting thoughts and emotions that were gained through experience and reacts to them, thus keeping us bound in the mirage of its creation. We experience the roller coaster of our mind and emotions and miss out on the rewarding and fulfilling experience of being our own safe, loving, happy, present, blissful Self.

4. The foundations of practising Awareness.

There are guidelines for conscious self-development that go to the root cause of our suffering by consciously correcting the course of our actions. We train ourselves in two ways: on one side guarding ourselves not to misbehave, thus repeating our patterns leading to suffering; and on the other side, actively cultivating positive attitudes and helpful conducts. Thus, we straighten out our mind, squeezing the impurities out of our mind from both sides, the “not to-do’s” and the “to-do’s”.

The mind in its pure state is capable of reflecting our beautiful True Self in all situations, in ourselves and others. By cultivation Awareness, purifying the mind, we alleviate our ups and downs, our inner turmoil and conflicts, and we feel free. Otherwise, we struggle to remember ourselves and spend our energies in distractions and forgetfulness. The ideal is reached when there is no more forgetfulness of True Self and one relaxes in the Awareness of Being.

There are universal guidelines that if followed will improve our lives in the long term and help remove obstacles stemming from our pattern tendencies, character defects, and bad habits. These guidelines address the fundamental egoistic and desiring nature of ourselves. One might find a character defect more dominant than another but working with one will bring light to the others as well. 

No one can be exempt from working on oneself. In the same manner, we expect everyone to follow the rules of traffic, driving on the proper side of the road and observing traffic signals. 

The Awareness is to be consciously practised in thought, word and deed. However, it is important to realize that these self-healing guidelines do not turn into judgment to be interpreted as rigid moral rules.  

In Truth, the True Self is the part of One Pure Consciousness. The bottom line is that we are one Universal Consciousness in myriad expressions.

5. What are the principles to follow and certain behaviours to abstain from to address the root causes of our physical-mental spiritual ill-health? 

The practice of controlling the emotion of anger. Anger comes from selfish desires or expectations unfulfilled. Selfish desire comes from our failure to recognize our fulfilment in the True Self, and are looking for happiness in external objects or situations. It means restraining oneself from the reactive tendency to be angry when one’s desires are not met, or the tendency to abuse others and enter into conflicts or wars.

The antidote of anger is contentment or letting go of expectation, accepting that, “It is not my will, but God’s will”. The practice of Non-violence requires calmness, courage, self-control, self-restraint and the practice of serenity. The practise leads one to develop good quality of the heart and leads one to develop mercy, kindness, unselfishness, patience, forgiveness, pure unconditional Love, compassion, perseverance and peace. If we practice it, we will be able to maintain durable, positive and loving relationships. 

To note that one can act out of patterns-righteousness in the spirit of selflessness without being violent or selfish.

6. What are the behaviours to adapt to improve our energy and our body-emotions-mind-consciousness health?

  • Do service to others. 
    • To develop the love and equal vision instead of basing one’s life on one’s needs, desires and egoism.
  • Connect with the safety and fulfilled unconditional True Self Love
    • Trust that the True Self has a plan for each person and surrender to the True Self Plan. 
    • Contemplate and experience the clarity of the Pure Consciousness. 
    • Find acceptance. 
    • The practice of listening, giving, serving, humility, remove pride, cultivate compassion and practice friendship with all.
  • Do self-enquiry. 
    • Remind of unveiled True Self beyond desires. 
    • Discriminate and detach from a situation that causes irritations. 
    • Seeing the big picture out of the box. 
    • Be just an Observer from the back seat, do not engage. 
    • Only the Observer affects the frame of reference. 
  • Authenticity. 
    • It deals with our fear of not meeting our goals, in the eyes of ourselves or others. 
    • Fear, anxiety comes from attachment. We will not be afraid if we do not have any attachment. 
    • In truth, we can not gain nor lose anything externally – either name, fame, prestige, position or love because we are already perfect in ourselves, and we can not be greater or smaller than what we already are. 
  • We can not compare any other being, because nothing be comparable to our unique experience. 
  • We refrain from the tendency to exaggerate, to manipulate others, or to tell lies to achieve an egoistic goal. 
  • Sincerity, honesty and straightforwardness will help to simplify and clear the mind, thus achieving inner peace. 
  • Clarity, Peace and Truth are synonymous terms. 
  • Truth comes in the form of righteousness, justice, harmony, harmlessness, forgiveness, impartiality, transparency, desirelessness, modesty, goodness, renunciation magnanimity, nobility, devotion, compassion.
  • The opposite of truth is deception, falsehood, dishonesty, exaggeration, twisting, egoism, lies, crookedness, manipulation, meanness, dissimulation, cowardice, fear, lack of courage.
  • Benefits of truthfulness: health, fearlessness, freedom, clarity, wisdom, strong faith and absence of anxiety. 
  • Lies and fearful living create blockages to the flow of life energy.
  • Calm and clarify the mind 
    • By a deep breath through the four limbs to discern the truth within that is beyond all concepts of the mind.
  • Be transparent and humble. 
    • Surrender to Soul’s will. 
    • Keep love and faith while cultivating Awareness with truthful and virtuous people. 
    • We count on Soul Plan to give us what we deserve or need and not what we desire. 
    • Making amends, atonements, forgiving ourselves all the shame and guilty and humble attempts to come closer to the source of Pure Consciousness.
  • Surrendering of doership and offering 
    • Of the results of one’s actions, staying even in success or failures will remove fears and anxieties which can lead to lies. 
    • The motivation is being kept pure.
  • Enquire into the nature of ephemeral gains. 
    • Examine the attachments and the tendencies of the mind of likes and dislikes. 
    • Contemplate and discriminate between the truth and untruth, the real and the illusory, the Self and the Not-self. 

It is the beginning of Healing…


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