7 Principles of Huna

Huna is an ancient philosophy created by the Polynesian Kahunas – priests and healers. Huna was passed down from generation to generation and arranged according to seven main principles.

Huna in Hawaiian means mystery. It is not a secret but secret knowledge. The second meaning of the word is “fine, delicate,” like dust or sea fog. The Kahunas were specialists in former Hawaiians, experts in religion, health, crafts, science, psychology, and various magical practices. They dealt with both the sphere of spirit and matter.

They created an artificial language that allowed Huna’s knowledge to be passed down from generation to generation. Although this secret language laid the foundations for everyday language, secret overtones remained unchanged. Interestingly, this language has no past or future tenses. For them, everything exists now. The Kahunas passed seven principles that would allow Huna practitioners to see extraordinary things in ordinary reality. They can help you look differently at the philosophy of life. To be more precise – with these principles in mind, it is easier to live, understand life and love it easier.

7 Principles of Huna

  1. IKE The world is what you think it is

The first principle tells us about the great subjectivity of the world. We live in other worlds built on subjective imaginations. We build our image of the world on our own illusion (Maya). Our worlds are similar when our imaginations are similar. Sleep, which is called physical reality, is created by beliefs, expectations, intentions, fears, emotions, and desires, as well as constant, repetitive thoughts and deeds. We change it with “states of mind”, which means that you can change your world by changing your thinking. Our whole world depends on our thoughts. Based on this, it can be concluded that we are the creators. And that’s the truth. Just as we create our reality in a dream, so do we create reality in matter. The only difference is that the matter is denser. Let’s change our thoughts and our world will change. Just wake up and see it. Going beyond your thoughts, you can transcend the dream of the world. Be aware that the world is what you think it is. Build positive beliefs about yourself, other people and the outside world. This principle is the cornerstone of all Huna.

  1. KALA There are no restrictions

The universe itself is a field of unlimited possibilities. There really are no real boundaries between you and your body, you and other people. All division is an illusion. An additional meaning of this rule is that there are no creation limits. So you can create in one form or another everything you want. The belief that there are no restrictions is a way to give yourself immeasurable freedom, but its consequence is also full responsibility for your actions and reactions. Restrictions are only based on our limited views. If we don’t believe in miracles, they won’t appear in our lives. This is clear because we limit our reality ourselves. We limit the universe with our thoughts. By changing your thoughts and beliefs, you can free yourself from restrictions. Give yourself the right to what you want – health, abundance, love, success. Everything is possible for those who believe in this possibility.

  1. MAKIA Energia follows your attention

Energy flows where we shift attention. Man is a concentration of various energies, which is why he manifests himself in a very wide range of reality. By creating a thought shape, we give it energy. Such a thought persists with us and affects our higher bodies. Concentrated energy in this way interacts creatively depending on the nature of the thoughts that accompany it. Focus on what you want. Focus on all the positives associated with the change you want. Focus on noticing this change in other people’s lives and bless it instead of underestimating energy with jealousy. Focusing on anything creates a channel through which thoughts and feelings materialize.

  1. MANAWA The moment of power is now

We are not associated with any past events or perceptions of the future. Time is just a mental creation. Time flows differently for every being. If you are in a hurry, you have little time. If someone is calm and knows that they can make it, they actually have enough time. Who wants to “have time” has it. This difference results only from the idea of ​​time. We have the power to change our limiting beliefs now, to consciously plant the seeds of the future according to our will. By changing your thoughts, your experiences change and there is no outside power capable of holding back our intentions. Start living now instead of escaping into a world of thoughts tangled in the past or future. We are free to the extent that we use it.

  1. ALOHA To love is to share happiness. Purpuse of Love is to bring happiness

Human beings exist because of love, whether they are aware of it or not. Love is the most powerful tool for effective action. The deeper meaning of the Hawaiian word “aloha” (love) is: “being happy with someone or something and sharing happiness with them.” In this sense, love is both attitude and action. This is not just a feeling or type of behavior, but a way to change. Love is a spiritual power that increases as judgment and criticism diminish. A loving intention is the most powerful spiritual force the world knows. Love is expressed in the form of blessing, praise, appreciation, and gratitude. When we begin to recognize love, we are happy for who we are and even happier for who we become. In Huna, love is associated with creating happiness. Imagine not judging or expecting anything from another human being. You fully accept his freedom and he accepts yours. Practice expressing gratitude! Every evening, think about what you are grateful for. Also write a general list of gratitude in your life – even running water, a roof over your head, or ability to walk and speak matter. Bless them when meeting other living beings. It can be a very short blessing of love, health, and harmony, or abundance. You will feel what you need. Learn the joy of life. We are all one above the mind.

  1. MANA All power comes from within

There is no power beyond us. God or the Universe acts on our lives through us. We are active channels of this power, and our choices and decisions manage it. The most important manifestation of man’s power is his will. A man with a concentrated mind on the present can manage his own energy. Conscious and convincing words influence reality creating our field. Trust yourself Feel your confidence instead of fear.

  1. PONO Effectiveness is a measure of truth

This principle is pragmatic and teaches you to pursue your goal in the most effective way possible. Efficiency is the only sensible measure of truth. You can measure it with the question: “Does it work?”. What worked was important to the kahunas. If something works, it means it’s effective and worth doing. If an action does not work (does not bring the intended effects), then there is no point in playing with it. This is a very healthy and practical approach. If we want to achieve a goal, we must use means that lead to that goal. Every action will bring results, it is worth being aware of the effects of your actions. Practice a positive attitude and expect the best results. What kind of vibrations you act with determines what vibrations it will have. What seeds, such fruits.

Summary of the seven principles of Huna:

1. IKE – the world is what you think it is.

2. KALA – there are no restrictions3.

MAKIA – Energy follows attention

4. MANAWA – the moment of power is now

5. ALOHA – love is for it to bring happiness6.

MANA – all power comes from our interior

7. PONO – Effectiveness is a measure of truth.

Anila Po