Epigenetics Cleaning Protocol (ECP)

Epigenetics Cleaning Protocol (ECP) addressing the following lifestyle areas:

  • History 
  • Mother care and early life experience
  • Compliance
  • Motivation
  • Mindset  
  • Diet, nutrition, hydration
  • Addictions: smoking, alcohol, drugs, fast food, smartphones, social media
  • Obesity 
  • Sleep
  • Exercises
  • Relaxation, meditation
  • Work 
  • Job
  • Hobby 
  • Relations – family, social, work
  • Stress 
  • Oxidative stress
  • Ageing 
  • Environment, 
    • Toxins, drugs, 
    • Chemicals, Pesticides, Herbicides
    • Xenobiotics
    • Radiation

The Epigenetics Cleaning Protocol (ECP), depending on the problem, lasts from a few to several months. It is primarily aimed at achieving a result that is the answer to the main problem of the client. It involves setting main goals and a strategic plan that is developed together with the client. The client commits to achieve the planned goal and adhere to the established principles of the coaching program. Every week the client receives a detailed goal for a given week and sends the report in the set format at the end of the week. On this basis, further specific objectives are developed for the following week. The customer always commits the adoption of a specific goal. The solution we check results in the real realization of assumed goals, solution of previously identified problems and as a result a real transformation of the client’s life.

ECP allows you to permanently lose at least 5 kilos mainly from the abdomen, hips and thighs, without the yo-yo effect! We mainly get rid of toxins and so many toxic thoughts, negative patterns and beliefs. ECP perfectly strengthens all muscles, burns fat and makes the whole body and mind more elastic. Pain in the spine and joints, e.g. neck, back and knees, disappear. ECP gives a reliable and lasting effect of cleansing the body, relieves stress, fatigue and depression. Special eye exercises permanently improve the quality of vision and significantly reduce vision defects. Purification occurs at all levels – physical, emotional, mental. The body rejuvenates for several years, especially if this process is carried out for the first time. Psychophysical effects are so positive that a few kilograms of weight loss seem to be only a side effect and not significant.


  • significant improvement in vision quality – up to 1 diopter
  • the complexion becomes more bright and radiant and the number of wrinkles is significantly reduced
  • the smell of the skin, breath and sweat change
    the taste is sharpened – we rediscover the taste of many dishes
  • the instinct to choose the best food for us returns
    the desire to use stimulants is forgotten – sweets, coffee, black tea, alcohol, cigarettes
  • eyesight, hearing and touch are sharpened
    body flexibility and muscle strength are improved
  • the figure is improved:
    • for women: waistline, buttocks and slimming legs
    • for men: increasing muscle mass and enhancing the sculpture
      the spine and joints ailments significantly decrease
      The pressure is regulated and cholesterol and triglycerides are lowered
  • the body’s pH balance appears – from acid to more alkaline
    the level of tension in the body decreases and stress is reduced, we also respond more easily to stressful situations
  • hormonal regulation occurs
  • the level of libido increases and sexual performance increases
    there are inner balance, clarity and peace of mind
  • all internal processes of the body are regulated – there is a feeling of joy in life
  • the objective and subjective sense of improving the quality of life improves

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