Conversation with Father

I – Life is a bit like school. I remember that after the holidays I was glad to go to school – and at the end of the school year, I was happy to be leaving.

Father – That’s it! Exactly! You hit the mark. Only life is not school.

– Yes, I know. Before, I thought life was a “school” we attend to “learn”. Thanks to you I understood how wrong I was.

– That’s good. This is what we are trying to achieve here – clarity. It is now clear to you how it is possible that the soul rejoices after “death” without necessarily regretting that it “lived” at all.

– But you asked an important question before and I would like to refer to it.

– Namely?

– You said, “If the soul is unhappy in the body, why not leave it?”

– Ah yes.

– He just leaves them. And not only at the time of “death”. And not because she is unhappy. He abandons the body because he wants to regenerate and rejuvenate.

– Does he do it often?

– Everyday

– Does the soul leave the body every day? When?

– When he longs for a greater dimension of his experience. It comforts her.

– l goes away like that?

– The soul abandons the body constantly. All my life. That’s why we came up with a dream.

– Does the soul leave the body in a dream?

– That’s right. This is what sleep is all about. Every once in a while, the soul wants to rejuvenate, recharge, if you want it to go on living through this capsule that you call the body. Do you think it is easy for the soul to be in your body? Oh no. Simple, yes, but it’s not easy! It is joy, but also the most difficult task the soul has ever performed! A soul who knows lightness and freedom that is unimaginable for you, longs for this state of existence, like a child who loves school, can take off for summer holidays. Similarly, an adult who desires the company of others may be hungry for loneliness in the company. The soul is eager for a true state of being. It is lightness and freedom. It is also joy and peace, immeasurability and painlessness. It’s perfect wisdom and perfect love. It is all this and more. But being in the body, little of it can experience. So, she made a deal with herself. She agreed that she would stay in the body as much time as needed to create and experience herself in accordance with the present choice – but only if she could leave the body whenever she wanted. And he does it every day, in a dream.

– “Dream” is that the soul leaves the body?

– Yes

– And I thought we were falling asleep because our body needs rest.

– You’re wrong. It’s the opposite. It is the soul that wants rest, so it makes the body fall asleep. The soul literally throws the body when it is fed up with its limitations, the weight and imprisonment it carries. He leaves the body when he craves for “power”, when I get tired of all this untruthful, delusional reality and imaginary threats when he wants to reunite, reassure, rest and awaken for the mind. When the soul connects to the body for the first time, it is extremely difficult for it. It’s a very tiring experience, especially for a newly arrived soul. That’s why babies sleep so much. When the initial shock passes, the tolerance of the new state increases. The periods of being with the body are getting longer. At the same time, the mind sinks into oblivion – as intended. Even out-of-body outbursts of the soul, not so frequent, but still daily, do not always restore the mind’s memory. In such moments, the soul is filled with freedom, but the mind can be dilapidated. So the whole being may ask himself: “Where am I going? What am I creating here? ” Such inquiries can bring anxiety, fear, turn the journey into a “nightmare”. Sometimes the opposite occurs. The soul reaches a place where there is a great reminder. Then the mind awakens. You are filled with joy and peace that you feel long after returning to your body. The more such refreshing sensations – the more the whole being remembers what he wants to do while being in the body – the shorter periods of separation of the soul from the body, for she already knows that staying in the body has its purpose, its reason. She wants to make the most of her time. That is why a real sage needs little sleep.

“Are you saying you can meet an enlightened person by how much sleep he needs?”

– You could say that, almost. Sometimes the soul leaves the body for the joy of it. It is not about waking the mind or rejuvenating the body. He can only have in mind the pure ecstasy of knowing the Unity. Therefore, it will not always be true that the more someone sleeps, the higher they are developed. But it is not an accidental coincidence that beings are more aware of their actions in the body – and that they are not their body, but with their body – are more willing to spend more time with him and thus give the impression that they “need less sleep”. Some beings even choose the simultaneous experience of forgetfulness that entails being in the body, and of the unity of the soul. They can stop identifying with their body while they are still in it. In this way, they get an ecstatic knowledge of their real being without losing consciousness.

– How do they do it? How can I do this?

– It’s a matter of awareness, reaching a state of full consciousness, which I have already mentioned. You can’t do it, you can only be fully aware.

– How? How? There are definitely some tools you can recommend.

– Daily meditation is the best way to create this experience. With its help, you can raise your life energy to the highest chakra … and even leave the body when “awake”.

– Is there such a thing as a human soul?

– Of course. It is the third component of your being. You are tripartite entities made up of body, mind and spirit.

– I know where my body is; I see them. And I think I know where my mind is – in the part of the body that I call my head. But I have no idea where –

– Wait a minute. Wait. You’re wrong about one thing. Your mind can’t fit in your head.

– No?

– Your skull contains your brain, not your mind.

– Where is my mind?

– In every cell of the body.

– Aha …

– What you call the mind is essentially a vibration. It’s … a thought. And thought is vibration, the wave is frequency, not object. Your brain is an object. It is a physical, biochemical mechanism – the largest, most complicated, but not the only – mechanism located in the human body, through which the body translates or processes the vibration of thoughts into physical impulses. Your brain is a transducer. Like your whole body. There are tiny transducers in each cell. Biochemists often point out that individual cells – for example, blood cells – seem to have their own intelligence. And they really have. This not only applies to cells, but also to larger body parts. Every guy on this planet knows a certain organ that often seems to be guided by his own mind. And every woman knows how ridiculous men become when they let this body influence their decisions. Some women use it to control men. It can’t be denied. And some men manipulate women through choices and decisions from this place.

– There can’t be denied.

– Do you want to know how to put an end to this crib?

– Absolutely!

“That’s what I meant before, about raising the life energy to embrace all seven chakras.” When your choices and decisions flow from a broader foundation than the narrow area you describe, it is impossible for women to control you, just like you would never seek to impose your power on them. The fact that women resort to such a measure at all results from the fact that there is no other equally effective way to keep men in check, and deprived of all control, men become – well, unguarded. But if the gentlemen were more to reveal their higher nature and if women were more appealing to it, the so-called “sex struggle” would end. Like all other fights on your planet. As I mentioned earlier, it is not about women and men renouncing sex, and sex is not proper to the lower nature of man. The thing is, that sexual energy itself, when it is not elevated to the higher chakras and connected with the other types of energy that make up the whole human being, leads to choices and effects that do not reflect the whole person. They are often not very praiseworthy. All You is all glory, but anything less than All You is less glorious. So if you want to be sure that you are not having a glorious effect, make decisions based solely on the base chakra. And then look for the results. They are very predictable.

– Hmmm. I think I know that.

– Of course,^ it is. The biggest challenge for the human race is not when you know it, but when you act and based on what you already know.

– So the mind is in every cell …

– Yes. There are simply more cells in the brain than in other parts of the body, hence the impression that the mind is there. But this is only the main converter, not the only one.

– Well. It’s clear to me now. But where is the soul hidden?

– What do you think?

– Behind the Third Eye?

– No

– In the chest, to the right of the heart, under the breastbone?

– No.

– Then I give up.

– Is everywhere.

– How is this everywhere?

– Everywhere. Like a mind.

– Wait a minute. Who says the mind is everywhere?

– You said it was in every cell of the body. But that doesn’t mean “everywhere.” There is empty space between the cells. In fact, your body is 99 % empty space.

– Is that where the soul resides?

– The soul is everywhere in you and around you. She contains you.

– Wait a minute. Now you wait! I have always been taught that my body contains a soul. And “your body is a temple of the spirit”? What happened to this?

– It’s a poetic term. It helps people understand that they are not the body itself, that they are something more. And they are. Literally. The soul is bigger than the body. It is not the body that carries it, but the body.

– It’s hard for me to sort it out.

– Have you ever heard of “aura”?

– Yes. Yes. Is that what the soul is?

– There is no description in your language closer to its extremely complex reality. It is the soul that holds you together – just as the soul of God contains the universe and holds it together.

– Oh my. It is a total reversal of terms for me.

– This is just the beginning, my son.

– But if the soul is in some sense “air in us and around us” and if our souls are the same, where do one soul end and the other begins? E-mm … don’t tell me, don’t tell …

– See? You already know the answer! There is no place where someone’s soul “ends” and my “begins”! As you can’t tell where the boundary between the air in the living room and the air in the bedroom lies. It’s one air. It’s one soul! You just saw the secret of the universe.

– And if you contain the universe like us our bodies, then there is no place where you “end” and we begin!

– Hmm …

– You can grunt at your will. For me, it’s a wonderful revelation! I mean, I’ve always suspected it – but now I understand.

– That’s great, right?

– Earlier it was difficult for me to understand because the body was a separate container for me, which allowed to distinguish between “this” body and “that” body, and because I always thought that the soul resides inside the body, so I distinguished between “this” soul and “that” souls.

– Inevitably.

– But since the soul is everywhere inside and outside the body – in the “aura”, as you put it – where do one aura end and the other begins? Now, for the first time, I can really show myself from the physical point of view how it is possible that one soul does not “end” and the other “begins”. So it is true in physical terms that we are all one!

– Well done! That’s all I can say. Bravo


Peter Po

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