Our beliefs (patterns) change our lives

Our beliefs (patterns) change our lives.

We live in very “interesting” times because science refutes modern myths and rewrites fundamental truths about our fate. Belief in the fact that we are genetically programmed beings in the matrix gives way to the understanding that each of us is the creator of our life. The scientific discoveries of recent years, as confirmation of ancient messages, largelycoincide with the oldest knowledge of human existence on earth, as a continuation of our lives on other planets, universes and dimensions. A groundbreaking work on this topic was published by Bruce Lipton, a professor at the University of Wisconsin. Thanks to Bruce Lipton’s recent advances in cell biology, science proclaims an important evolutionary turning point. For about fifty years, we kept the illusion that our health and destiny were programmed in our genes – this concept relates to genetic determinism. While cell biologists prove that our genes are controlled and shaped by signals from our thoughts and emotions, and more specifically the way we perceive our surroundings (wishful or intentional programming).

Scientists have undeniably proved that the cell membranes of our body receive direct signals from the environment, then this information is coordinated by the brain. In the brain, the received signals are filtered through the process of our perception, which consists of our experiences and beliefs, which are a consequence of our new choices. What meaning does this knowledge have for our fate?

Well, we shape our lives by the way we read the environment and it’s just our decision or subconscious (programming) patterns, what filters we have installed. Depending on what filters/programs we have, we will go through a life of dignity, health and joy, or plunge into the abyss of eternal fear, anger and dissatisfaction, and illusory illnesses, hoping that another car, another partner, the next job will be better and we will be free from our imposed restrictions – diseases – will not, if we do not change – our beliefs and written patterns (programs).

A conscious mind comes to our aid and contact with our Higher Self, commonly understood as part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex, offers us generous free will. This is an extremely important feature that allows us to consider the history of our lives and consciously plan the future. Equipped with the ability to self-reflect, the self-conscious mind is extremely powerful, especially when it is under the control of Consciousness. He can observe each of our programmed behaviours, evaluate them and decide to change the habit that is unfavourable to us.

If a woman is convinced that all men are bastards, her biological system will look for confirmation of this thought in reality (she will meet men who match her thought pattern, as we see everywhere this “red purse” matching our “Mini” and red shoes and gloves). As a result of her choices, she will start to feel pain – in this way the “body cells” inform that her belief should be changed. If it remains deaf to appearing symptoms or reaches for “Prozac”, in order to silence signals (pain), the cells will find a worse (not good for the body and mind) way to provide information – it is usually the beginning of a disease manifesting in the body.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine with medicine covers up the stress symptoms coming from our body, thus depriving us of the ability to recognize the information that the body sends (the body never lies, always tells the truth about itself and ourselves as a holistic being, consisting of body, mind and awareness). Scientists have data that people who have won the fight against cancer are people who have changed their habitual thinking. In the meantime, however, the world has spent many trillions of dollars on research and medicine based on faith in genetics, it is now difficult to openly confess. Everyone has strangely forgotten that gene determination has never been proven, has always remained a hypothesis.

The above information, published by biologists, coincides with the knowledge that quantum physics provides us with, proving that the world is made of energy vortices that constantly rotate and vibrate. Each of us exudes our individual invisible energy record.

The electromagnetic field of the heart and brain sends signals similar to radio waves, which in addition to transmitting properties also have magnetic characteristics. On this basis, what we deeply believe in will always be reflected in our reality.

An interesting fact is that the research confirms religious truths. Well, according to the observations of scientists, the most creative and healthy electromagnetic field is sent by thoughts related to love, care and tenderness.

Professor Bruce Lipton said at one of his seminars: “After 15 years of research, I came to the conclusion that we are not the victims of our genes, but the masters of our destiny, capable of creating a life full of health, happiness and love.”

For psychology, this research is of great importance. Working with clients, psychologists have long seen the correlation between our perception of reality and life, but science has never before explained it in such an indisputable way. This information will have to fight large medical corporations and knowledge that has been well-established for so many years.

However, we do not have to wait, from today we can begin to question our imaginary limitations in order to become the creator of the great work that is our life.


Peter Po

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