QUALITY LIFE ADVISORY is mainly based on the latest, but proven for 18 years, experience in the application of Quantum Physics, in practice, in the new field of holistic medicine, including body, mind and consciousness of a man. It uses analytical  – diagnostic process and therapy, which is the most effective self-healing mechanism, now with the support of Quantum Computers.


The Quantum Computer is “a regular radionic system of the old style”. By placing their hand on the gold plate of the rose quartz triangle or by connecting to client’s consciousness morphogenetic filed, the client is scanned in a matter of minutes. The Quantum Computer will then obtain an expression of functional state and any corrective vibrational information can be transmitted.

How the Quantum Computer works

Quantum Computer  has knowledge that biophotons (light emission, weak electromagnetic waves) merge into collective global consciousness, also known as ‘spirit’ or morphogenetic field. The intrinsic intelligence of the morphogenetic field interacts with the white noise diode (random generator) within the Quantum Computer  system, the computer and the software with the desired intention. Deficiencies of the client’s morphogenetic field are identified in the Quantum Computer  scan, then removed/resolved with radionic impulses. A well instructed morphogenetic field can induce desired material changes, and thereby restore the client to full health.

Each biophoton has a twin photon, which maintains simultaneous contact with it’s opposing pair over any distance. This enables remedy collection and distance healing with the Quantum Computer  by simply taking a digital photograph of the target (e.g. a client), which is saved 1:1 on the computer hard disk. The theory states that a certain percentage of the biophotons in the photograph will be twin photons, so the information and corresponding vibration of any object or client can be collected or transferred by the Quantum Computer.

Treatment with the Quantum Computer 

Harmonization of the morphogenetic field by the Quantum Computer  is achieved by vibration emission of a remedy on the gold plate or by radionics (scalar waves). A database of 10 000 000 remedies and entries is contained in the Quantum Computer software, covering spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic and physical, e.g. homoeopathy, colours, sounds, acupuncture, affirmations, allergens, Bach flowers, psycho-kinesiology, etc. Additional remedies can also be added to the Quantum Computer  database as the practitioner desires. A therapy plan is produced by the software and distance healing can be scheduled for designated targets at a time.

It is accepted by the manufacturers that the Quantum Computer  device can only be used to help the guidance of consciousness. The Quantum Computer  is operator dependent – human consciousness and intention is a part of the fundamental principle.

The Quantum Computer may also be beneficial for business consulting, home balance-biology, plant growth and stimulation as it reduces the need for insecticides, fertilisers etc.


Quantum Medicine



In the beginning of the XX century great pioneers of quantum mechanics came up – Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrödinger, Wolfgang Pauli, Werner Heisenbeg. Having discovered that physical material world is based on invisible fields of energy beginning in the world placed out of time and space, they started to inform the public opinion that the physical world around us changes as shifting sands. Niels Bohr declared: “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real”. Heisenberg said in the speech after receiving the Nobel Prize in 1932, that “atom has no physical properties at all”. Einstein believed that everything in the universe is in fact held in God’s mind.

People who do not deal with physics may find very useful the fact that atom is not physical, neither is the universe, nor human body. Since body is not something real, the question arises: How far can medicine go treating it differently?

Treating it as what? The quantum expert however, can be invaluable in handling such a problem. Getting into that microscopic world, where matter disappears, into the border of time and space, to the place where both dimensions come back to the point of void, to the abyss that is in fact the source of all creation. There, we discover that reality does not vanish at all. On the contrary – the world of creation is the richest at its source, for consciousness consists of unlimited possibilities there. If the mind could manipulate these possibilities, men could co-create the physical world that appears around us.

To be more precise, we could initiate phenomena in our organisms. Instead of being a victim of diseases and disorders, we could come back to well balanced health and regain our vitality. Today, 40 years after the revolution concerning body and mind that was held in the field of medicine, there is no doubt that there are physical tools connecting body and mind. Large amount of research that has been conducted on signal recognition particles show that even the smallest activity of the brain is translated to emission of chemical substances which are transported to every cell of the organism. Due to hundreds of thousands of receptors on the extracellular membrane of every cell, we have no doubt that properties ascribed to brain such as intelligence and consciousness, concern the rest of the body as well.

So, why do we get ill if our brains (which are go-between of the mind) want to be healthy? There are hundreds of answers to that question, and most of them sound reliably. There can be toxic emotions that bother us. There can be genetic predispositions, the mind is not able to defeat. Yet, there is no coherent theory to explain how the mind can heal the body or why it is not able to do it. The domain of connections between body and mind is still the field of coincidences, at least as far as the particular results are concerned. In fact, so much advertised methods of alternative medicine hardly ever turn to be more effective than a placebo.

The mainstream of medicine however, is compatible with its philosophy, treating body as a material object existing in the physical world. Based on materialism western medicine is extremely successful in defeating particular diseases. Germs can be killed with medicaments, defective hearts can be improved with bypasses. Yet, there is still the unsolved mystery of mind, inaccessible to materialism.

More subtle form of materialism, such as using herbs or manipulation of Chi (Chinese term for vital energy), can direct us in the wrong direction as well. Irregardless of the mainstream medicine preferences, it is human mind that controls human body. In at least four thousand cases of spontaneous remission of cancer, healing was caused by patient’s will, often in one night, without help of medicines or operation.

Hence a quantum physicist must enter the stage, because it is the thought that makes a quantum operation by means of activating a particle in the brain. A particle (for example dopamine or serotonin) appears out of nothing, while a combination of millions of such particles becomes a physical equivalent for a thought, an intention, a wish, hopes and dreams. The above statement is a fact. Patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are conventionally treated with a drug, for example Prozac. Computed tomography show that the area of the brain with imbalance starts to behave normally under the influence of the drug. However, if the patient instead of taking the drug will go to a psychiatrist and speak about his/her problem and personal source of dysfunction, the result is also a relief. In both cases the images of computing tomography show the same areas of the brain coming back to normal functioning. 

In the worst case the brain functions under two factors – it reacts to drugs and to insubstantial factors such as words. That fact should have been acknowledged by medicine long ago. Materialism claims that depression, for example, is a result of chemical disturbance of balance in the brain, whereas activity of antidepressants is based on an assumption that in order to correct the disturbance chemical substances are necessary (despite the newest research showing that brains of people suffering from depression do not show disturbance of chemical balance – as was suggested by the theory – and popular antidepressants are not able to correct other disturbances). The fact is that we can put somebody in a depression using just words. We can tell him/her that he/she lost the job or all the money saved in the bankThat undeniable fact leads to the conclusion that the material world is subordinated to insubstantial forces. 

There is a chance to discover on one’s own that consciousness lets us achieve health. The answer is something we need badly – Quantum Medicine, which is pulling down the wall between physics and metaphysics. 

In the universe based on consciousness such a wall has in fact never existed.


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