Anila Po

Anila Po – clinical dietitian and nutrigenomics with a holistic approach to health, yoga teacher in the approach of Hath and Vinyas. In counseling a healthy lifestyle, he combines knowledge from the latest and oldest known medical science, Epigenetics and Ayurveda.

She devoted her whole life to learning ways to bring body and mind to balance. From early childhood, she showed an amazing ability to release deeply dormant tensions in the body through a gentle, intuitive massage. Her fascination with natural medicine and herbal medicine began in elementary school. Even before reaching the age of majority, she often participated in many-day retreats and interreligious meditations at the Benedictine monastery in Poland, at the same time practicing Yoga and Chi Kung. She also participated in ten-day Vipassana meditations. After graduating in Poland, for many years she dealt with diet therapy and health consulting, helping hundreds of people deal with their ailments. At the same time, she developed knowledge of therapeutic techniques such as EFT, Radical Forgiveness, Hellinger Constellations and many more. She also devoted a lot of time to learning The Germanic New Medicine and psychosomatics.

Wanting to deepen her knowledge of the holistic approach to body and mind, she went to an internship at the Ayurvedic hospital in India, where she spent a year. This trip strengthened her belief that the human body and mind are one, and that various ailments are disorders resulting from imbalances. Still searching for effective solutions to clients’ problems, she came across Ben Lynch’s Dirty Genes book, which initiated her fascination with epigenetics. She devoted her last years to studying this field.

Currently, she successfully combines the approach of the latest and oldest known medical science, as well as many therapeutic techniques to effectively help people who want to take care of the quality of their health and life.

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