Epigenetics Coaching

Epigenetics Coaching addressing the following areas:

  1. Assessment of diet and nutritional status, as well as current health status, including recommendations.
  2. Consultations in the field of clinical dietetics and nutrigenomics and interpretation of test results:
    1. interpretation of genetic test results and selection of recommendations and possibly supplementation based on the current state of health and test results:
      1. genetic panels – MTHFR UK, Ancestry, 23 & me, ogen and others,
      2. single gene determinations (MTHFR, PAI, coagulation factors, etc.)
      3. small panel genetic tests, DNA TEST,
    2. interpretation of specialized
      1. Urine tests, stool tests
        1. for microflora (Microbiology of the stool / CSA, KyberKompakt, BadBak and others)
        2. markers of inflammation and bowel condition (CSA, EPX, alpha-1-antitrypsin, histamine, calprotectin, zonulin, bile acids, elastase, sIgA, Helicobacter Pylori etc.)
        3. tests for determination of parasites
      2. hair (heavy metals and other)
      3. blood tests
  3. There is a possibility of interpretation of the same genetic panel, without evaluation of the current state of health.
  4. We also offer assistance in ordering MTHFR Genetics panel tests.
  5. Consultation and testing for delayed allergies FOOD DETECTIVE.
  6. Consultations in the field of Integrative Medicine including natural therapies, herbal medicine and Ayurveda.

The Epigenetics Online Life Coaching Program, depending on the problem, lasts from a few to several months. It is primarily aimed at achieving a result that is the answer to the main problem of the client. It involves setting main goals and a strategic plan that is developed together with the client. The client commits to achieve the planned goal and adhere to the established principles of the coaching program. Every week the client receives a detailed goal for a given week and sends the report in the set format at the end of the week. On this basis, further specific objectives are developed for the following week. The customer always commits the adoption of a specific goal. The solution we check results in the real realization of assumed goals, solution of previously identified problems and as a result a real transformation of the client’s life.

Epigenetics Life Coaching helping people directly through our personal LIFE EXPERIENCE, with 30 years of coaching experience with individuals and groups. Gets results much more quickly, directly than any other methods, especially compared to book knowledge. People can pass mistakes, solve real-life (health, relations, business) problems with practical steps to reach their goals. We helped thousands of clients to transform their lives.

In our LIFE COACHING practice, we combine the comprehensive Integrative Medicine with the latest achievements of Epigenetic research, which talks about the impact of environmental factors on the change in expression, i.e. the functioning of genes, despite the lack of changes in the construction of the whole set of genes. Epigenetics is a real chance for us to eliminate the risk of our genetic destiny by choosing the right lifestyle.

To arrange a consultation, please send an email to qualitylife.pl@gmail.com

Peter Po